Episode 13 Learning to fly following bullying

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Hello my fellow brussel sprout eaters!!!! Yes OJ you too!!!

  • Have you been bullied?
  • How do you feel about the experience now?
  • How has the experienced of bullying changed you as a person?

Number 13 podcast is out and this one is very close to my heart. Some of the trials and tribulations of my childhood bullying are shared. WARNING- If you are looking for a chirpy cheery happy- happy podcast dont download this one. It is a little sad. I felt a little sad editing it …but only a little.

In this podcast  I talk about my experience of bullying as a child and how I rose to move past my pain and over time ( much time) learned to be myself, define myself….and fly

At times some of you may think that I am a super duper – coper…well my friends it was not always so( and frankly is not always so even now)…life is  an ocean full of calm waters, waves, and at time tsunami’s. Some times we lift our face to enjoy the gentle sun and other times we try to keep our head above water.


In episode 13 I answer a listener….dear Elina’s questions- and by the way thank you so for writing in Elina…I was so excited to receive your email in my inbox….I did my little happy dance.


This is Elina’s letter…

‘Hey Lauren! I just love to listen to your podcast it helps me relax so much. I would love to hear something about building self esteem, how to be your authentic self and don’t care what others think, self love. Something like that 🙂

Thanks for this opportunity

Lot’s of love’

Elina..this is such a large topic that I have covered it as much as I could in one podcast and will do so again…There is a lot more there to cover….please feel free to ask more questions

Thanks for listening guys…hope that you are all eating your vegetables, watching the sunsets, and engaging with good friends.

Love always

Lauren xxxxx

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Patreon is a cool place where we can hang out, get to know each other, and share stuff
Patreon is a cool place where we can hang out, get to know each other, and share stuff

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‘Ah’ I say as I slump back into my favourite meditation chair…how are you? image (26)

Super short flying blog today as I am on the run….

How has your week been? How has your health been? and more importantly …have you been sleeping?

Here is my latest video….

This is a video exploring the power of compassion to heal and bring happiness. Enjoy 🙂

and there are more podcasts up here if you would like to check them out …

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Have to run now as we are all looking forward to watching my two daughters perform in the school arts night…and I am leaving soon…

Love to all of you. Take care of yourself…remember to always leave time to reflect, restore, and recover.

Lauren x

The how and what of wellness

Hi my friends….image (25)

Oooh I am up to episode 12 of my podcast series ‘Being well with Lauren’. Whoo Hooo. And how much am I just loving these podcasts!!!! Do you know that I can do these podcasts in my PJamies or my tracky dacks!!! So comfy and easy. And I do each of them sitting inside my walk in robe( yes seriously). Oh don’t worry I am still creating videos too. But I have to get dressed somewhat appropriately for videos so they are not a easy peasy.

And my dear friend Iris Voss…come on down…. a HUGE thank you for being my first ramshackle website blog follower….yay!

Thank you Iris

Imagine me singing now to you Iris right now on bended knee…..

Thank you so much for supporting me Iris!
Thank you so much for supporting me Iris!

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In episode 12 I ask you for your input on how to structure the ‘Being well with Lauren’ podcast moving forward. I am really excited about the increasing downloads and so ask for communal direction from all of you. I suggest that we perhaps devote an episode purely to meditation, an episode purely to cuppa-side chatting, and an episode to interviewing. In this way you can more easily go back to your favourite meditations and each episode is dedicated. But to be honest I am not sure which direction to take and I am waiting upon yours truly.

I then explore the how and what of ‘being well’. I refer to my fitness group ‘remarkableme’ and their progress. I explore what is being well and how we can realistically achieve wellness in today’s fast paced convenience based existence. Today many of us look for the silver bullet or the easy ‘one stop’ answer to  wellness. Does an easy answer exist in wellness? And indeed does any of life’s issues hold an easy answer?( oh how I wish!) Perhaps wellness does not come in a convenient easy-answer box but instead involves a balanced evolving process requiring engagement, self kindness, and acceptance. What do you think? I would LOOOOVVVE to hear from you.

I finish episode 12 with a cute little meditation affirming our wellness.

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Being well with lauren

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I have started a rickety ramshackle web site. Now I know NOTHING about websites….and I mean nothing!! so this website is killing me…aaaaghh I scream intermittently …but I will get there. It is my own creation so pretty make shift at this stage I am afraid but with time it will develop… like all my ‘tortoise’ endeavours…slowly and surely. It is called http://beingwellwithlauren.com/ …very fumble fumble but a start is still a start and I am sure happy for that start. And after all this website gives us a little cute place that we can meet, comment and get together. Thank you so much for coming on board my journey.

Love to you all…and if you can please possibly support me at Patreon I would be over the moon.

Patreon is a cool place where we can hang out, get to know each other, and share stuff
Patreon is a cool place where we can hang out, get to know each other, and share stuff

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Warm cozy Regards

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We are human beings just like Westerners

‘We are human beings just like westerners’ and these words were some of the words he spoke to the world in the profound grief of losing his family….


A prayer for the Syrian father who lost everything because we as a world turned away.


“Dear Lord

I can not begin to comprehend the pain and loss that this man is feeling but perhaps as a world we can witness his pain, send him our love, and make a decision to look past our front gate out into the many pains of the world and as a community diligently work towards creating change.

Nothing can replace a life lost Lord but we can make a decision to look into the face of pain and decide not to turn away.

Let us open ourselves to help those without clean water, help those experiencing poverty and terrorism, and help those all around us who suffer.

Lord help us to open our eyes.



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My sadness and my light

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Heh friends

I have been unwell for several days …quite sick in bed with a cluster of migraines, nausea, and some very real significant sadness – I made a promise to myself before I started my podcasts that I would upload podcasts through ‘the rain hail and shine of my life’ so today in my podcast we have a talk about sadness and light with a prayer. I am still a little unwell as I podcast but I wanted to present to you in the raw moment as I feel right now in this moment so that the moment is authentic and our sharing is more experiential. Yes I have been sad and I talk of this sadness and I ask you about your sadness and I talk of the world’s sadness. And then we come full circle back to having perspective yet still owning the right to our own feelings within that global perspective. We need to strike the balance between displaying empathy for the world and feeling and unpacking our own story. This owning of our feelings gives us opportunity to grow in wisdom, empathy and love. I wonder whether we can really have a global empathy if we cannot take the time to sit in our own grief?

Life is a journey and sometimes we fall and the fall may brings pain loss and perhaps heartache but at our feet there are always new flowers breaking through the earth and perhaps God brought the fall to bring our eyes gently to cast down towards the opportunities which lie beneath us. …the flowers of our fall.

Thank you so much to all of you. I have started a ramshackle web site. It is my own creation so pretty make shift at this stage but with time it will develop like all my ‘tortoise’ endeavours. It is called Being well with Lauren…very shaky but a start is still a start and I am happy for that start. Please follow me here, There is a button on the front page which says follow and please forgive its rough format…I am a beginner is web site creation but I an avid learner. Thank you so much for coming on board my journey.
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Love to you all x

Laurenimage (23)

Do you ever find yourself feeling crowded by life?

Dear friends…

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Do you ever find yourself feeling crowded by life? Do you ever find yourself feeling suffocated with a myriad of responsibilities and commitments? Almost as if the business of life is distracting you from the essence of life? You do? Well I hear you my friend.

In episode ten of ‘Being well with Lauren’ I speak about how I immediately noticed the increase in my levels of stress since arriving back from holiday. I found this instant return to ‘ground hog day'( You must see the movie!!) such a stark contrast to the relaxing experience of my family holiday.   In this podcast I explore the origin of this stress and how we can each detach from this stress. I use the metaphor of standing on a highway with cars rushing past to look at how we can feel at times crowded and suffocated by the ‘busyness’ of our life. Sometimes it is the very way we choose to live our life which can take away from the quality of our lives. I explore decluttering, life editing, and emotional clearing. I also recommend the Ted talk with Graham Hill who also runs the group ‘Life edited’ of which i am a member.

I then continue to present a visualisation type meditation exploring decluttering and making room for happiness.

Recently I have started building a website with Word press…yes…a slow process for my very ‘untechno’ head….I will tortoise my way through it I am sure. Your generous and kind support has paid for my podcast storage at Lysbyn and also for my website hosting at WordPress and also my domain name. …not to forget the high expense in double A batteries which my H5 recorder literally chews through….I am incredibly grateful to you for your generosity and faith in me.

A big thank you to you…I could not create the projects I create without you and I want you to know that.

Thank you