The art of noticing, blocked drains & tulips Podcast episode 90

Podcast episode 90


Hi everyone, my much-loved book( nicknamed Alby after Albatross) is out on pre-order I’m so incredibly infinitely excited. Today with tea in hand I talk about The art of noticing. This is a really important element in our ability to feel happy every single day. I talk about how to practice the art noticing and how this skill can contribute significantly to not only our happiness but a sense of peace. The art of noticing is about experiencing the moment and squeezing the moment dry. It is about smelling the aromas, noticing the textures, embracing the sounds, and being with every sensual moment. The art of noticing requires practice and as with all practices, it requires skill, focus, and repetition. As we repeat the art of noticing over time our brain cognitively learns to feel happy. What don’t you give it a try? Lets experience the art of noticing together. Come with me a journey to learn to feel happy every single day. Warm regards Lauren.


You may pre-order my book “daily rituals to happiness” by downloading on Amazon Kindle here:


The paperback in hardcover will be available in the next couple days.


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Lauren Ostrowski Fenton

You tuber, writer, blogger, meditation​ teacher and very proud mother of four

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