Episode 91 Too much detachment makes Jack an antisocial boy- Parenting – the highs and the lows

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Episode 91 Too detachment makes Jack an antisocial boy- Parenting – the highs and the lows

In this episode, I’m recovering off the back of a lost school jumper issue…an ongoing issue I assure you. Today I talk about the careful and sometimes precarious balance we strike between being the parent full of compassion and without expectation and the parent who sets realistic boundaries and requires the child to be responsible. What is the careful line between attachment and attachment? What do you think?

And what about relationships, love, and parenting???? Is it really truly about reducing relationship attachment or does it run more deeply than that? What is the answer? I think the answer is about walking the line between attachment and detachment in order that we allow others to grow, we maintain our boundaries, we maintain a healthy sense of self, and we contribute to the world community and environment. What do you think? What are your views on parenting? On relationship? And by the way, it is 10 days to book release date. Paperback out soon…I promise

Warm regards Lauren aka the whispering mother.

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