Episode 94 Using a ‘reflections wheel’ to learn to feel happiness( From my podcast Being well with Lauren)

Hello there, Lauren here…How have you been? Are you well? Have you been exercising? Are you sleeping? Are you taking care of yourself?I do hope so…

…And now a question for you…How have you been reflecting? Yes that’s right…How have you been REFLECTING..in other words how have you been perceiving the experiences of your life? Because your ability to reflect is not only a skill but it helps determine your happiness. Yes that’s right HOW WE REFLECT HELPS US TO LEARN TO FEEL HAPPY.This is a really important topic……I have my cup of tea in already in hand …Go and get yourself a nice hot cuppa and let’s get going..But be warned you will need to Roll up your sleeves….and let’s do some work on our happiness practice…today for my podcast episode 94 I have my diary in hand and have taken some notes… we all want to feel happy and feel a sense of well being don’t we?…is that what you want? Do you want to feel good? Do you want to feel happy every day?  What do you want from your life? How do you want to feel? Reflections are really important…our cognitive ability to reflect determines how we learn to feel now in the present moment and leads us to how we will feel about the future. And one day you will want to look back on your life. I am not ancient I am only 51 but as my dear son says to me “Mum you have only lived half your life”…I wish! Bless him. Our mind is like a horse and we are the riders…we choose whether to use the reins or allow our horse to gallop wantonly without direction or guidance…Is your horse of life all galloping all over the place? We do choose our thoughts. We choose what thoughts to associate with an event in our life. We choose our feelings. We choose our values. And these choices help determine our journey of life.

The 'Reflections Wheel' I saw at my boys basketball practice
The ‘Reflections Wheel’ I saw at my boys basketball practice

In today’s podcast I talk about making yourself a ‘Reflections wheel‘ in order to help you learn how to feel happy.  I saw a ‘reflections wheel on the hall wall while I was watching my boys play basketball at a local school yesterday. It was a learning tool used by the school and displayed up on the wall to help children learn to feel more resilient, happier, and open to learning.  And I thought why don’t we do one today together during the podcast episode.  So today we discuss the Reflections wheel and how our way of reflecting upon our lives determines our ability to sit in the present and also shapes the person we become in the future.  I have really enjoy doing this episode.  I do hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  It is relevant to parenting, relationships, Career, and simply our sense of self.  Why don’t you create your own ‘reflections wheel’ and let me know about it? I would love to hear from you.

Warm regards Lauren  aka the Whispering mother

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