Episode 102 Plans, goals, parenting & happy mayhem

Episode 102

Plans, goals, parenting & happy mayhem

‘Planning to fail is failing to plan’

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Today I have a mishmash of thoughts to chat about. Have you heard that quote ‘planning to fail is failing to plan’ ?  Today we chat about the importance of planning each and every day in order to feel happy. We talk about balancing roles, multitasking and fulfilling responsibilities. We also explore planning, journaling, and practicing your core values. And of course, we also chat about finding happiness every single day.

It is the school holidays here and as you know I have for beautiful ( and young)children home from school. My gratitude for my four beautiful children is one amazing story in my life. However, four beautiful children also bring with it many stories; stories which need to be heard each day. Each day I listen to and process my children’s stories of experience, learning, growth, development. Of course, I love to be a mother but I am not only a mother. Mothering is something that I do; a behavior rather than a label. I am so many things and I have many stories which make up the person that I am. So what is the formula to multitasking and still finding happiness? What are your stories? How are you finding and exploring happiness each day? How are you honoring all the stories which make up the amazing person that you are? Do you have your cup of tea ready? Mine is in hand. Let’s have a lovely chat.

Topics covered today


Single parenting



Goal setting

Feeling happy every day

Upcoming happiness course

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My name is Lauren. I am a writer, life coach, meditation/yoga teacher, & ASMRtist. I make ASMR videos and write books about happiness, yoga, fitness, meditation, & wellbeing.

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