Episode​ 110 True strength comes NOT from fighting or flighting BUT from sitting in the silence

Episode 110  of podcast Being well with Lauren

True strength comes NOT from fighting or flighting  BUT from sitting in the silence
As a single Mum, age 51, with four kids, life can be challenging. One of the challenges I continue to face is the precarious ever-changing balance between mothering and maintaining my sense of self.

How do you keep a sense of calm in the mayhem of your life?

It is Sunday morning. I have just got back from basketball practice, and I have tried( emphasis on the word tried) to clean the house. I have picked up banana peels and apple cores. I have cleaned out the garage. I have washed dishes, put a wash on, Put washing away, cooked food for the next three days( I hope the food lasts that long)cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed and somehow the house still looks pretty terrible. Yes, my life with four kids life can be quite challenging. One of the issues which keep coming back to test me is how to be a Mum( I love being a Mum) without it becoming my only label. After all, Mothering is one of the labels I wear among of so many labels. I am not one story I am many stories. Sometimes in life parenting can tend to dominate our sense of self and like a tsunami drown out everything else. Thats why It is important to find ways to always maintain a sense of self, but this is easier than it sounds.
How do you so it?
How do you define the balance?
How to plan around the mayhem of life without placing yourself under too much pressure?

And let’s face it Panic just doesn’t help but staying calm in the chaos of life is hard work.

How do you remain calm?
Let’s talk through these questions and more. Go and get your cup of tea and let’s have a friendly chat.

Topics touched on:

  • Living in the mayhem
    Work parenting balance
    Single parenting
    How to set and achieve goals
    How to manage stress and fear
    How to plan

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Episode 96 – An awareness exercise to increase happiness & reduce stress

Podcast episode 96 from my podcast Being well with Lauren( link below)

Today we are going to do a fun exercise in awareness to help you feel happier every single day…Would you like to try that? Now this is a really simple exercise you can do at any time to help your mind learn to focus, deliberate, and essentially think more clearly …so it is really super useful and has a range of benefits. I ask you at the beginning of this episode to bring an item or a thing which gives you comfort. We use this for the awareness practice. And yes by practice I mean this is an exercise you repeat regularly. I recommend daily. The more you practice the better you get at it. And the more you practice the happier you get. Sound good doesn’t it? Now with your chosen item in your hand I want you to explore, enjoy, and immerse yourself in that item. Today I use a cup of tea( Because I just love tea and find it comforting). Throughout the episode today we notice our chosen item, we touch it, listen to it, look at it…possibly taste it. This exercise is all about really sitting in the present moment enjoying, appreciating, and focusing on what we have right in front of us. In this way we teach our minds to focus deliberately on what we have in this present moment rather than being distracted,  ruminating, over thinking or wandering away from the moment.   As we do bicep curls in order to increase our bicep strength, or we may run in order to increase our cardio fitness so we do happiness exercises in order to teach our brain to feel familiar with happiness.  In other words, we train our happiness muscle. So the feeling of happiness becomes more of a ‘go- to’ emotion for our brain rather than the emotions of anxiety or negative stress.   A trained brain is also more resilient and able to think more clearly which helps with problem solving and stress. So go and get yourself an item which brings you comfort and resonates with who you are and come back and sit down and let’s do a simple exercise to train our happiness muscle. Warm Regards Lauren aka the whispering mother


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