Episode 97 The secrets to falling asleep – sleep train your brain



Episode 97 The secrets to falling asleep – sleep train your brain( from Podcast Being well with Lauren)

Heh Lauren here today we talk about falling asleep…

Today I would like to ask you a question.

Do you have trouble falling asleep?

Do you have difficulty having restful sleep? I know I do…today we talk about the sleep train and preparing to draw our train gently into the sleep platform for restful sleep.  I talk about my secret to falling asleep. And it is a step by step clear formula to help you..and guess what it really works….And there are also goodies and ideas here for everyone parents, children, students and more….So go and get yourself a cup of comforting tea and let’s have a lovely chat.

Warm Regards Lauren aka the whispering mother
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Repetitious ASMR binaural sleep- whispers for peaceful sleep

Hi everyone, this is a repetitious binaural sleep whisper. I’ve designed it to be repetitious in order to lull you to sleep. This is done in asmr which is autonomous sensory Meridian response. That is why there is a strong tone to the whisper. The strong whispering sounds are supposed to help induced sleep. I do hope that this helps you sleep. Warm regards Lauren a.k.a. the whispering mother.



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